Jade Currency Team Restructure & Expansion

Jade Currency
Oct 31, 2021


Jade Currency is proud to announce our new team structure and expansion. With the rollout of the final phase of the marketplace and the upcoming Metaverse shop in Decentraland, we have reorganized our team structure and added new team members to get us to the next level.

FOUNDER — Cameron Kallhoff

CEO — Davi Curvello

COO — Valter D. Ribeiro

CTO — Abdul Raheem

CPO — Gabriela Leite

Marketing Manager — Rafael Magacho

Jade Army General — Nkemka Ebillah

Technology Leader — Ayyappan Mookaiya

UX Designer — Manikandan K

Assistant Developer — Ajaykumar R

Digital Marketing Agency — AnonMedia

Marketing Assistant — Gabriela Mendes

This new information will be uploaded shortly on the website and whitepaper.




Jade Currency

A rebrand is coming for Jade Currency in August 2022