Jade Currency Update — May 2022

Jade Currency Update

The Jade Currency project is still active. We are switching management roles, however the developer team is still the same and they are currently working on the marketplace with the expected launch date still the same.

We are actively looking for a new CEO and CTO. Also, we will hire a CMO to coordinate the Jade Army and other social media marketing efforts. The new CEO is expected to have previous experience in running another project, have knowledge in the gem/jewelry market, and as a plus, should be a Jade Currency investor. The CTO should have knowledge in defi trends such as NFT, marketplace, and web3 platform development. Cameron Kallhoff will maintain founder status with the project, however he will be actively committed to overseeing this process and will have a direct hand in operations going forward.

Hire the new management team

Give weekly status updates of the marketplace development (which is still on track to launch August 15th)

Do a proposal of the farming allocation (we are thinking of switching it to 50% farming and 50% staking)

The Jade team will no longer sell Jade from the team wallet (The founder will vest his tokens for a 6 month period starting from May,2022 to November, 2022)

Marketing wallet allocation funds will only be operated by the CMO

Development wallet allocation funds will only be operated by the CEO and CTO

Get a different server to support the website and marketplace

Publish the whitepaper v3

Publish a new roadmap

Sell the Jade Currency Decentraland estate to support the funding of the marketplace development

The CMO will responsible in changing the dynamics of the Jade army

We are switching from a Marketplace/Metaverse theme to a Marketplace/NFT theme project

Official links

Website: www.jadecurrency.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/currencyjade

Telegram: https://t.me/jadecurrency



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