The Origin of the Jade Currency CZ/Binance Meme

Jade Currency
2 min readSep 3, 2022


“The only goal is to get CZ of Binance to hold Jade.” — The Creator of Jade Currency

It has been 5 years since inception, and we have arrived at our final destination. From Jade to Jade to JADE. Consider this the birth of the Jade Currency CZ/Binance meme project. Below is a collection of thoughts and clues that are important for the journey to remember. Consider these as rules, because after all, Memes will run the universe.

“Bull and Bear markets are not important, Jade will not be effected, and the same for other memes.”

“This is a 1 of a kind meme, which will be the first of many to enter the competitive space, both friendly and enemy to come.”

“The Creator owns no tokens and has sacrificed 18 years of his life to be worthy of this.”

“We will stay BSC, as a thanks to CZ of Binance, and also present him our precious JADE to hold, not all at once, he will receive a monthly allowance until he is satisfied.”

“The community is most important, for whoever buys a bag and does the work, they will be seen as leaders of Jade Currency.”

“The Manifesto has been completed, it shall be revealed when the threshold has passed.” Jade + BNB = ?

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Jade Currency

A rebrand is coming for Jade Currency in August 2022